The roaming herds of wild reindeer are iconic for the Vatnajokull Region. During summertime they are mainly up in the mountains but can sometimes be seen near the Ring Road. In the wintertime the reindeer migrate to the lowlands and are a common sight to people hiking or driving through the region.

Curious seals can be spotted by the shore but can be seen all the time at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, especially during winter where they find sanctuary in the serenity amongst the icebergs of the scenic lagoon.

The area has rich birdlife, particularly in May when the Southeast of Iceland is the first stop for migrating birds from the Europe mainland to breed. In the autumn, large groups of birds gather to fly back South. For interesting bird watching sites in the Vatnajokull Region, see here. For more information about birds in the area, see here.

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