Icelandic Mountain Guides

Icelandic Mountain Guides is a leading outdoor adventure company in Iceland and has been offering all kinds of adventure tours since 1994.

At Skaftafell in Vatnajokull National Park, Icelandic Mountain Guides offer day tours like Glacier Walks on Svínafellsjökull glacier tongue and tours to the surrounding mountains, like the summit of  Hvannadalshnúkur (2110 m) the highest peak in Iceland and Hrútsfjallstindar Peaks (1875 m).

The Icelandic Mountain Guides Sales Lodge next to the National Park Visitor‘s Center in Skaftafell is the point of departure for our multiple day tours. There you can book your glacier tour and also other kind of activities and accommodation in South East Iceland.

Icelandic Mountain Guides also offer glacier walks on Sólheimajökull glacier, day tours from Reykjavík, hiking, trekking, backpacking , ski tours and more both around Vatnajökull National Park and all over the Icelandic wilderness.

For your adventure in Iceland – Make sure its Mountain Guides

The Icelandic Mountain Guides Glacier Walks on Sólheimajökull glacier and from Vatnajökull National Park are operated daily, all year round.

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Did you know the varying color bands can be used to tell the age of the ice, much like growth rings around a tree trunk.



Customer Testimonial:

Hello, I was in your wild country some weeks ago. On 20 July we did the Blue Ice Experience from the base camp in Skaftafell, and it was marvelous. We had a great time, laughed so much (maybe a little too much) and had great guides to show us around. And I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it. So "tak".


Skaftafell – Vatnajökull National Park
Driving time from Reykjavík: 5 hours
From Vík: 2h30
From Höfn: 1h30-2h


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