Hornafjordur Art Museum

The Hornafjörður Art Museum is situated at the heart of Höfn. The Art Museum exhibits the work of Svavar Gudnason every sommer and during the winter months the focus is on other artists. Svavar Gudnason is well known internationally and his work displays a strong connection to his hometown Höfn and the area of Vatnajökull.

Svavar was born in Höfn in Hornafjördur on 18. November 1909 and spent his youth there before moving to Reykjavík in 1928. Svavar had been introduced to landscape painting at an early age. In his early work, the natural surroundings in southeast Iceland are predominant, with spectacular panoramas portraying the sea, glaciers, lakes and mountains which must have captivated the young man and spurred him to new artistic heights. Svavar was an innovator and one of the most outstanding ambassadors of his generation, introducing new approaches which he and some of his contemporaries promoted vigorously.

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