Holmur farm zoo

We offer accommodation, restaurant, farm zoo, coast trips and guided reindeer tours.

In the farm zoo you can find a variety of the most common farm animals in Iceland. There you can see sheep, horses, calves, goats, a pig, cats, many different rabbit breeds, Icelandic Viking hen, dwarf hen, silkie hen, pheasants, quail, doves and pigeons, goose and ducks. Variety can differ depending on the season. In the springtime life starts to blossom in the zoo. Then many offspring are born (baby goats, lambs, ducklings and more). Every trip in the farm zoo has the possibility of being guided, so people can get educated on the domestic animals and the different breeds we have.

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“Peaceful and friendly place to stay in Iceland”

This part of Iceland is less tourist-filled than some areas. Holmur is a little farm conveniently located with amazing views of several glaciers. The owners are very friendly, do not over-price their rooms and have a lovely breakfast. Internet access is possible. There are some animals kids will enjoy. Nearest shops are in Hofn - about 40min drive east (where there is also a small airport with service from Rekjavik). We used it as a base to work on the nearby glaciers. GlacierJeeps run various icecap trips nearby.

The owners have openned a new restaurant with traditional food.

Highly recommended!




TEL: +354 478 2063 / +354 861 5959


Hólmur Mýrar
781 Höfn
Half way between Jökulsárlón and Höfn, about 30 minute drive east of Jökulsárlón


All year


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