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HÖFN – LOCAL GUIDE operates in the field of slow-adventure walks with a focus on nourishing experience through moderate movement in a beautiful nature, peaceful environment and personal communication with the locals.

Dive into the story and culture of this beautiful fishing village with a guide born and bread in Höfn. On an easy and informative walks, you can enjoy the magnificent surroundings of the town, hear about its development and get to taste some of its local food.

If you are interested in a conscious walk with your phone turned off and the nature and the people around you in focus, a tour with HÖFN - Local guide is something for you.

Two different tours are offered, both start and ends at Hornhúsið at Víkurbraut 4.

To book a guided tour please contact via email hofnlocalguide@gmail.com

Heart of Höfn
Duration 1,5 – 2 hours

Heart of Höfn is an easy informative walk by the harbor and the conservation area of Ósland where we will meet the Arctic Tern that is predominant there from May till mid August. In Ósland we can enjoy its fascinating geology and the spectacular mountain view with Vatnajökull and its glacier tongues in the main role. In Ósland we will examining the solar system model on Höfn’s nature trail on our way back to the harbor area where we will stop at Pakkhúsið to get a taste of local delicatessen.

Old Ruins of Ægissíða
Duration 2 – 2,5 hours

The Old Ruins of Ægissíða is an easy informative walk along the east coast of Höfn that takes us to a beautiful and peaceful place by the sea. Ægissíða is with in a 20 minutes walking distance from the town and there we will visit ruins of an old fisherman's hut. We can stroll around in the area, sit down at the shore, enjoy the birdlife and the scenery OR take part in helping our guide to get the campfire going where we plan on baking Icelandic flatbread out in the open and enjoy tasting it before we walk back in to town.


Starting point at Hornhúsið, Víkurbraut 4, 780 Hornafjörður
Dress according to weather and were your walking shoes.
A bottle of water.

Guided walk, English and Icelandic
Baking and tasting Icelandic flat bred in Ægisíða and a taste of local delicatessen at Pakkhúsið restaurant at the harbour beverage not included.

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Víkurbraut 4, 780 Höfn


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