Fjallsárlón Iceberg Boat Tours

The Iceberg Boat Tours in Fjallsárlón glacial lagoon is a guided boat tour that has become increasingly popular. At Fjallsárlón there is also a diner.

The boat tours are quite private since there are few people in each boat. You will have a great change of learning new interesting things with your guide about icebergs, glaciers and about the people who lived close to the glaciers through the years.

Using a small boat gives you a change to go close to the icebergs and going the most interesting route around the icebergs.  With ease your guide can circle around the nicest icebergs and explain to you what natural wonder you are seeing.

This is a calm cruise and all securities are in order providing you professional boats and providing you with clothing for safety.

If you are lucky you will experience when a piece breaks of the edge of the glacier and into the lagoon.

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TEL: +354 666 8006


64°00'51.6"N 16°22'19.0"W


1. May - 30. Sept.