Fireworks show at Jokulsarlon 2017

The annual fireworks show at Jokulsarlon in the Vatnajokull Region is a not-to-be-missed event that you will always remember. Illuminated icebergs bathed in colour from the magnificent firework show in natures most spectacular surrounding creates an extraordinary experience for spectators.

The fireworks show is an annual event and this is the 17th time it is held. Number of visitors has been escalating through the years and last year about 1500 visitors enjoyed the show. The fireworks show is a collaboration between the Hornafjordur search and rescue association, and the Vatnajokull Region.

Entrance fee is 1000 ISK and free for ages 12 and younger. All proceeds go to the Hornafjorður Search and Rescue Team. Entrance fee is paid at the entrance.

The preparation for the show starts during the day when the organizers sail between the icebergs and arrange over hundred candles on them. Then the candles are lit and the fireworks show starts at 11 pm when fireworks are shot up from different locations in the lagoon. Duration: Approx. 20 minutes, starting at 11 pm.


Höfn: Pakkhús resturant and Höfn Camping and Cottages:

Departure from Höfn at  9:00 pm. Pakkhús resturant and from Höfn Camping and Cottages at 9.10 pm.

Prices: fireworks show included kr. 5.000. To save time we prefer cash.

Departure from Jökulsárlón 15 minutes after the show ends.


The bus from Kirkjubæjarklaustur, Skaftafell Freysnes:

Departure from Kirkjubæjarklaustur Icelandair Hotel Klaustur at 9:00 pm.

Departure from Skaftafell at 9:45 pm.

Departure from Freysnes at 10 pm.

Departure from Jökulsárlón 15 minutes after the show ends.

Price from Kirkjubæjarklaustur kr. 3.000 (entrance fee is not included)

Price from Skaftafell and Freysnes kr. 2.500 (entrance fee is not included)


Practical informations:

Jökulsálón is just by the ring road. It is possible to get to the firework show by a car or a bus from Höfn or Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

Entrance fee can be paid at the entrance or in advance at:

Olís Höfn

N1 Höfn


Fosshótel Vatnajökull

Fosshótel Jökulsárlón


We recommend that guests arrive at least a half hour before the firework show starts.

12. August 2017
12. August 2017

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