Vatnajokull National Park_Gudmundur Ogmundsson 1-2

The Vatnajokull Region is a great destination for school groups due to the magnificent and ever-changing nature. There are diverse options in glacier activity with knowledgable guides that can explane the wonders of the glacier and how it affects the environment.

The Vatnajokull National Park´s South territory visitor center is in Skaftafell and it is an information and education center. There is an exhibition room where the region´s story of fire and ice is told, how the interplay of volcanos and glaciers have marked the region and daily lives of the people. During summer there are daily interpretive walks with park rangers in the area. For more information see here.

Geo sites and bird watching sites have been mapped out in the area, see here for geo sites and here for bird wathcing sites.