The Vatnajokull Region is in the Southeast of Iceland and stretches along the south side of Vatnajokull, the largest glacier in the world outside the Arctics. In this area that covers over 200 km of the Ring Road, you will find a great variety in activities, acommodation and restaurants.

Cooperation in hospitality

Sisters on the pier

The Vatnajokull Region is a cluster of companies in tourism, food production and culture. These dozens of companies work together to provide service and help tourists experience what the area has to offer. They work together under the banner of the Vatnajokull Region and pride themselves in their cooperation and hospitality. 


The inhabitants of the Vatnajokull Region do not only live in proximity of the Vatnajökull glacier but also to the sea. The Icelandic langoustine is a speciality of the area and the town Höfn is known as the lobster capital of the North. There is a great variety of locally produced food that can be ordered of menus at  restaurants in the region. In addition to the variety in local food, the clean and unspoiled nature is a hallmark of the Vatnajökull Region.

About the Vatnajokull Recion Cluster 

The cluster was formed in 2007 and has over 80 companies in tourism, food and culture in the Southeast of Iceland, from Lomagnupur mountain in the West to Hvalnes in the East.  The goal of the cluster is to promote the region building on its strength in nature, local food and culture, and cooperation between the companies. 

The Vatnajokull Region has office in Hofn and it´s General manager is Olga M Ingólfsdóttir 

Olga M Ingólfsdóttir, General Manager
The Vatnajokull Region
Litlubrú 2
780 Hornafirði

Phone  +354 470 8080
Mobile  +354 896 7084
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